KNOW Glitch

Locate, investigate, and resolve service issues that
negatively impact your guest experience. Investigate
and fix these issues during your guests’ stay to
significantly reduce their dissatisfaction.

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KNOW Glitch enables hotels to satisfactorily obtain, track, investigate, and resolve service incidents that make guests uncomfortable. Service failures can be investigated and recovered while customers are still in the hotel, significantly reducing customer dissatisfaction


Through this short video, see first-hand how KNOW Glitch makes it easy to track and resolve guest complaints, minimize compensation, and maintain guest loyalty.


Auto creation for specific complaints registered in KNOW Service

Write complaints on guest profiles and have the information available in the pre-arrival report

Effectively track, investigate and resolve guest complaints and service failures

Send dynamic alerts based on different categories to staff dealing with guest

Comprehensive reports to analyze frequent and recurring incidents in the service

Track service recovery costs

Register a Consultation for visiting guests, interns, pre-arrival or those who have left, and also for staff


  • Improved guest loyalty with near-immediate incident resolution
  • Compensation reduction
  • Accountability
  • Redefinition of processes and training needs
  • Visual reliability with images and documents associated with incident reports
  • Availability anywhere and improvements with its integration to KNOW Mobile


That KNOW Glitch is excellent we do not say, our customers say it!

We believe that the true value of any solution or service is best conveyed through the customer experience. We traveled the world to meet our clients and asked them to share their experiences with KNOW Glitch.