KNOW Maintenance

This tool automates, schedules and monitors all
preventive maintenance activities, thus ensuring
greater guest satisfaction, a reduction in accidents due
to malfunctions and an increase in the useful life of the

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KNOW Maintenance is a multilingual cloud-based application that automates, schedules and monitors all preventive maintenance activities. The app organizes all engineering responsibilities, thus ensuring superior guest satisfaction, minimizing malfunction accidents, and maximizing equipment life.


Powerful Dashboards to track critical data

6 Month Calendar View allows better forecasting and planning

30 Month Historic Data allows various trend analysis

PM / TO triggers based on front desk status help better manage guest room maintenance.

The bi-directional interface with KNOW Service helps to keep a central record of all problems in a specific location.

Optimized for Tablet/Mobile view


  • Guest room condition index tracking ensures that rooms are always in good condition.
  • The Guest Room Health Index aids in equipment maintenance, resulting in longer life, less downtime, and reduced repair costs.
  • Increased safety due to the reduction of accidents due to incorrect equipment operation.
  • Improved productivity and better staff planning.
  • Automated processes to reduce paperwork.
  • Powerful reports to capture detailed PM performance.