KNOW Service

This feature automates the management of customer
requests and complaints and maintenance jobs to
ensure increased staff productivity.
Custom triggers create automatic jobs and tracks
from a centralized system.

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KNOW Service automates the handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance tasks, ensuring quality service and high staff productivity. Aside from hotel staff, guests can also register complaints and requests directly using an interactive guest app. It makes everyday tasks more efficient and even uses custom alerts to create automated tasks and follow-ups with just one central system.


Through this short video, experience KNOW Service and discover a new way to ensure a complete, effective and successful complaint solution.


Automatic allocation of guest service requests

Automatic alerts and jobs based on user-defined events

Unified tracking across departments of guest requests, complaints, and maintenance tasks

It is compatible with various wireless messaging systems

Supports various PMSs that can trigger alerts or task based on check-ins, room changes, or preferences

Dynamic escalation logic for delayed or incomplete tasks

Powerful report module to view standard and custom reports

Multilingual – supports more than 180 languages


  • Reduce the time it takes to serve guests
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimize delays and wrong deliveries
  • Identify trends and analyze returns automatically
  • Availability anywhere and improvements with KNOW Mobile


That KNOW Service is excellent we do not say, our customers say it!

We believe that the true value of any solution or service is best conveyed through the customer experience. We traveled the world to meet our clients and asked them to share their experiences with KNOW Service.